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The Twin Counties Partnership is a diverse array of community members and leaders. It is governed by the Community Action Board (CAB), consisting of 10-12 members. The work groups report to the CAB, and spearhead implementation of multi-year action plans. CAB members also serve on the work groups.  The CAB and the work groups meet monthly.

To see when our next meetings are, visit the Community Calendar.


Meredith Capps

CAB Member

Meredith is Project Manger for Edgecombe County Rural Health Network. She likes how the Partnership shares resources to create a healthier and more informed community. She loves the small-town feel of the Twin Counties, and enjoys being outside in the newly renovated Rocky Mount Mills area, as well as City Lake and Sunset Park.


Michelle W. Cherry, MPA

CAB Member

Michele is the Manager of Grants and Special Projects at Vidant Edgecombe Hospital. She believes in the value of the resources and information that the Partnership provides for the community.  Just as her family lives in the Twin Counties, she’s glad that the Partnership provides health resources to all families who live in the Twin Counties. She loves the close-knit community atmosphere, and being surrounded by all her family and lifelong friends. Indian Lake in Tarboro is a special place to her, where she enjoys walking and having relaxing days.


Rebecca Copeland

Partnership Coordinator

Rebecca has enjoyed working in the Twin Counties for more than 20 years, and is currently the TCN Program Assistant at Nash UNC Health Care Systems.  She believes that healthy relationships are a vital component of wellbeing, and is excited to contribute to the work the Partnership does to foster strong cross-sector relationships.  She believes that the people are the greatest assets in the Twin Counties, and feels very fortunate to work with all of them. When she’s not coordinating the Partnership, she enjoys walking the trail at the sports complex and playing with her grandchildren after their football and basketball games.


Michelle Etheridge

CAB Member

Michelle is the Local Public Health Administrator for the Edgecombe County Health Department. She has lived in Nash County for 18 years and worked in Edgecombe County for 17 years. She loves the evolution of collaboration that she has seen over the years among health agencies. With her family, she enjoys riding bikes through Battle Park and taking their dogs to Best Friend’s Dog Park in Rocky Mount. Her husband and son are involved in Boy Scout Troop 49 at Howard Memorial Presbyterian Church in Tarboro, through which they have been a part of many camp outs and service projects throughout the county.     

Bridgett_Luckey 1_1

Bridgett Luckey, MHA

CAB Member

Bridgett is a Program Development Manager at the Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc. She believes the Partnership creates space for growth and innovation, and has enhanced the personal relationships that are a critical component of collaborative efforts. She has worked in the Twin Counties for six years. She enjoys Sunset Park as a great place to relax in the afternoons.


Shakeerah McCoy

CAB Chair

Shakeerah is a Clinical Nurse Specialist/Transitional Care Program Coordinator at Nash UNC Health Care Systems.  As the CAB Chair and 37-year resident of the Twin Counties, the Partnership is important to her because it’s where her family and extended family members have lived for generations. The work that the Partnership does allows her to focus on her passion of connecting people and essentially solving puzzles. It’s like the 1000 piece puzzle: you know you may be missing some pieces here and there, but it doesn’t stop you from seeing the greater vision even before it’s finished. She and her family enjoy the outdoors where they can walk, play in parks, and fish. Her sons are always on a quest to find the biggest fish!


Larissa Mills

CAB Member

Larissa is the Coordinator of Health Services at the Nash County Health Department. She believes the Partnership provides knowledge, skill sets, and resources through collaborative effort, and that working together is more effective than working alone. It means a lot to her that she can use her passion for public health where she lives and works. She loves the size of Rocky Mount – not too big and not too small, and within easy driving distance to larger cities! One of her favorite local activities is watching the fireworks on the 4th of July at Englewood Baptist Church.


Sydney Phillips

CAB Member

Sydney is the Healthy Kids Coordinator for the Down East Partnership for Children (DEPC). She’s lived in the Twin Counties for ten years, and believes that the Partnership has brought together people and organizations who are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of ALL citizens in the Twin Counties. Her work at DEPC focuses on the community’s youngest citizens and their parents. She believes parents who model healthy behaviors have healthier children, and healthy children become healthy adults.  She has found the Twin Counties to be a great place to raise her sons: soccer at the Rocky Mount Sports Complex, swimming and working out at the YMCA, a supportive youth group, and a community of friends who make her feel like a mom with eyes in the back of her head! She also loves running with her husband on the Tar River Trail.


Charlene Pittman

CAB Member


Tiffany Purdy

CAB Member


Trishonda Roberson

CAB Member

Trishonda is the Executive Director of The Impact Center. She’s lived in the Twin Counties for 41 years, and thinks the Partnership helps identify gaps in resources and bring about change for those that need the help. She’s particularly excited about the work the Partnership does to address the social determinants of health that otherwise may not be addressed. She loves the small-town feel of the Twin Counties, and walking and relaxing at City Lake.


Sherri Smith

CAB Member

Sherri is a School Nurse in Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools. She’s excited that the Partnership offers the community a variety of opportunities to live a healthier lifestyle. She is particularly interested in encouraging people to eat healthier and exercise as a way to reduce diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Having lived in the Twin Counties for 23 years, she loves the diverse group of people as well as the multitude of opportunities  and activities that the area offers. She particularly loves to photograph family and friends around the Twin Counties in places like the Town Commons, Battle Park, and the Imperial Centre.


Cindy Worthy

CAB Member

Cindy is a Community Outreach/Emergency Management Coordinator for Nash UNC Health Care Systems. She’s lived in the Twin Counties for 36 years, and has been excited to see the Partnership develop as a vehicle for collaboration among agencies. She likes that Nash County is perfectly located between Raleigh and the coast! She is very involved with community nonprofits through serving as a board member, and stays busy keeping up with her children and now grandson’s participation in school and rec sports. She stays physically active by walking daily.


Mysha Wynn

CAB Member

Mysha is the Executive Director of Project Momentum, Inc.  She is excited to be involved with the Partnership because it offers the community a fresh perspective on collaboration. The Partnership helps keep her grounded in her community roots, while also connecting her with other professionals.  She’s lived in the Twin Counties her whole life. Amongst her people, she is hometown proud!

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