How Can I Help This Kid?


How Can I Help This Kid?

A Professional Development Program

April 20, 2021

3:00pm – 4:30pm



To raise awareness about substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery, Eastpointe Human Services is hosting a special virtual event featuring Stephen Hill, founder of Speak Sobriety.

This inspiring story of a young man’s battle with addiction and journey to recovery will better enable you to help troubled teens and young adults.



Stephen Hill is a motivational speaker, author and advocate for substance use disorder prevention, mental health awareness and criminal justice reform. He graduated with honors from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Brooklyn Law School.


Stephen turned his mess into a message by innovating dynamic programs and presenting to thousands of students, educators, parents, and key stakeholders for over 200 schools and coalitions. His memoir A Journey To Recovery was a new release best-seller on Amazon, and he has been featured on several shows for his expertise in prevention, treatment, recovery and criminal justice.


Stephen will speak about his struggle with addiction and share his inspiring story of recovery, emphasizing the importance of adding and maintaining (rather than removing) vital protective factors in the lives of struggling students and young adults. There will be a virtual Q&A following the presentation.